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Why Choose an Accredited Fire Risk Assessor?

Appointing someone who is qualified to carry out your premises fire risk assessment makes perfect sense. Having a specialist with the time, skills and knowledge to protect your employees, customers or occupants is crucial to reduce the risk from fire. However, a quick internet search reveals a mind-boggling range of options from off-the-peg prices, and even in some cases an assessment that doesn’t even require a site visit!

There are a number of accrediting bodies and risk assessor registers that ensure competence for membership to be allowed. It reflects changes in the industry following the Fire Safety Act 2021, which recently came into effect, with a distinct move to using accredited, and therefore competent assessors.

This gives you peace of mind that the assessment will be thorough, detailed and sufficient, not a tick box report to gather dust on the shelf until next year.

There is a wealth of information on the changes, and the national register which can be found at the Fire Sector Federation website.

We hold the BAFE SP205 accreditation and are on the Tiered Fire Risk Assessor Register with the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM).

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